How To Crate Train A Puppy | How I Crate Trained My Samoyed Puppy

How To Crate Train A Puppy | How I Crate Trained My Samoyed Puppy

How to crate train my puppy, is something Yeti the Samoyed and I hear often. You must learn how to crate train a puppy, to have an easier time with potty training, establish sound sleeping habits for both you and your puppy and to give your puppy a safe place to be, especially while vacuuming, or during fireworks.

If you have guests over, or if Quimby and Bigby (Yeti’s best dog friends) come over and are playing a bit too rough, a crate can provide calming quiet.

Quimby and Bigby were over, when I took the thumbnail picture. They had been wrestling around, were very loud, moving furniture, so it was a good time for a time out. Yeti went into his crate and he wasn’t too happy about having to leave the party for a few minutes. He just wanted to keep playing.

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