How to Crate Train Your Puppy | Chewy

How to Crate Train Your Puppy | Chewy

Are you wondering how to crate train your puppy? Dogs are naturally attracted to the peaceful privacy of dark, quiet places. When raising a new puppy, crate training your puppy gives them a calm place to rest and relax. Plus, kennel training keeps them from nibbling on your favorite shoes. But if your pup has never seen a dog crate before, he’ll need a proper and positive introduction to the whole crate train experience. Crate training tips come in handy when you’re learning how to kennel a train a puppy. We’ll show you how with some easy-to-do crate training tips! First, remove your pup’s collar before placing your pup inside the dog kennel. Remember you want a pawsitive kennel training experience for you and your furry friend, so this will allow him to roam freely inside. If you’ve got that down pat, introduce your pup to his dog cage. Once he gets a whiff of his new spot, reward him with some of his favorite puppy treats for a job well done. After a while, shut that doggie door and back away from the dog kennel before those big, brown puppy eyes get the best of you. But only leave him inside for a brief moment, and gradually increase it over time. Even if your dog tries to tear the dog cage apart Incredible Hulk style. If you have a small breed or large breed dog, a Frisco crate is great choice and is durable enough to outlast any crate train. Always remember the dog kennel is for pawsitive puppy training only and never a form of punishment.

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