How to make guinea pig pea flake treats

How to make guinea pig pea flake treats

If you live in the U.S you might have figured out that pea flakes are quite difficult to get ahold of, luckily I have developed a recipe that is nearly identical to the original

-dehydrated pea halved (for split pea soup)

Add pea halves to bowl with water microwave for 25-30 seconds stir then microwave for another 15-20 seconds

Let stand for 15 minutes
Mash peas to a thick paste
Form paste into small flake size

400 degrees Fahrenheit
205 degrees Celsius
Leave in oven for 3-5 minutes let cool then they’re ready!

30 seconds on high, take them out, flip them them put them back in for another 15 seconds… let cool then they’re ready!

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