PetSmart Puppy Training: Loose Leash Training

Today we’re going to learn how to walk on a leash -Hey it’s Aaron and Guppy and today we’re getting some puppy training tips with -Shannon! -How does Guppy do on the leash? -He does good for the most part It just depends on what’s around us or like what’s happening

Like if there are dogs around, people jogging Especially joggers, he always goes after joggers and I can’t get his attention -Okay No worries So it’s really important that we have something that’s nice and light for Guppy

Do you have his leash? -Oh yeah! -Let’s see here We just got this -Oh look at that! It’s so fancy! -Is this good? -It’s perfect It’s nice and light It’s great for Guppy -Yes! -Okay -Go ahead and put it on him

There we go -Good boy, Guppy -And he does that a lot -Does he do that often? -Yeah, especially if he gets irritated with me, he kind of just grabs it and tries to pull himself Yeah, I haven’t really met many puppies that are really comfortable on a leash

One thing you can do with that, we have a product called "Bitter Apple" -You can spray it all over his leash and it will keep him from chewing it -Is it okay for him to have that? -Yeah, it’s totally safe! Here! *facial thud* So usually I’ll recommend to my pet parents that they do a little bit of a finger test first -So you want to put a little bit on your finger and then -Test it

*coughs* *whimpers* I’m fine Guppy, check it out It’s for Guppy to test, not for you -So you’re going to put a little bit here And remember, don’t lick the leash now -Okay Okay so now he won’t bite the leash

But he has a problem, when we walk sometimes, he kind of just plops on the ground and he won’t move regardless of what I do Yes, absolutely I’ve seen it happen before We call it mopping the floors You don’t want to pull him, tug him or force him

You want to encourage him So one way you can do this, you can use a spoon with peanut butter or you can use a "bully stick" -This? -Yeah, perfect! Look, see, he likes it! This is going to help you to encourage him to follow along He really loves the smell so kind of guide him along with it Let him sniff it There you go

You got it -And then just lead him with it? -Yeah Where you going? This way? Oh there’s a little tension there Does he do that a lot? -Yeah, he gets distracted a little bit -And he pulls on the leash a little bit? -Okay

So we can definitely work on Guppy's loose leash walking -Okay Yeah, the cue that we're going to want to be working with is "with me” like you know, "Guppy, walk with me!" -Perfect, so when he starts to pull toward the treat -Uh-huh -You’re going to stop You’re going to call him back Get a "sit", get a "watch me" -And then start again -And just start walking again? -Yep

It’s just stop and go, stop and go -Okay -So the next one I want you to use is what we call the "turnaround method" -"Turnaround method?” -Yeah, so it’s exactly as it sounds It’s pretty self-explanatory So when you feel tension, you’re going to turn around -Start walking

Oh, there goes Guppy and turn around and start walking again -Good boy! Yes! And then what if those two don’t work? -If those two don’t work, we have one final method that will help you out You’re just going to get really super crazy See how he’s tugging on that leash? Back up towards me and say "Guppy, Guppy, Guppy, Guppy!" -Guppy! Guppy! Guppy! Guppy! -Walk backwards You walk backwards

-Cmon! You come here puppy! -More Guppy! Guppy! You’re making me look bad! Guppy, come here! -C’mon bubba! Huh?! -Okay Yeah, we need a little movement in it So it looks like this -C’mon Guppy! C’mon Guppy! Yes! Good boy! -Really? Is that how it’s going to be? -He’s a teacher’s pet

-Teacher’s pet! You ready? You going to do it for me? -Guppy, c'mon! C’mon Guppy! -Oh, he’s ready Is that how it’s going to be? Okay -He’s the teacher’s pet -*mocking voice* Teacher’s pet! Here *KABLAMO*

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