Service dog foward mometum pull & counter balance training

Service dog foward mometum pull & counter balance training

Service dog foward mometum pull & counter balance training.

So, decided we needed a command for being at my side, a bit foward out of heel, and standing for foward mometum pull & counter balance training. Heel then stand then foward was confusing him. So he needed a command completely seperate from heel that tells him to be at my side, ahead of me a bit so his pull strap is right there, and then to walk ahead of me pulling on the vest.

Being next to a wall was perfect for this to straighten him out and teaching him to turn into the position further back. So, I’d start this next to a wall.

We will do the other side as well. We will name that something else so he knows to go to the other side. Not sure what that will be yet. We are starting on the left since he heels on the left.

We normally do pulling me up from the couch at the same time but the pain didn’t allow for that.

Sorry for the video being low at the end. I didn’t post the last video as it showed too much of myself and now I didn’t show enough of him. All I am doing though is luring with my other hand while pulling on the pull strap so he is pulling against pressure. We will eventually add in slower and faster but for now we are just learning to pull against the vest pressure. Eventually I just put my hand above his head but he still needs the lure. I am trying to fade it but I am having a hard time doing so. But, here I stopped putting the treat in my hand and just held my hand above his head. When I took my hand further back he stopped pulling but this takes time to learn. Also, putting it further back is how I am thinking I will train “slower” so not sure I want to fad the lure that way. I may start to pull my hand away and maybe lure and reward and try it that way. I’m also thinking of getting a skateboard and sitting on it inside my house and asking him to pull it but not sure about that yet. Just thinking of ways to teach him to pull against the vest without a lure. Hopefully you get the picture. This is so hard to train when you already have pain so I appologize for the bad videoing.

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